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ETS International Turkey is established in the year 2012 by Mr. Adem ARDIÇ,
after thorough research on industrial cleaning chemicals/products which are mostly aggressive, toxic, flammable, more often poisonous, and therefore, are more hazardous for the user and the environment, with the mission, to provide replacement for a pure ecologically cleaned environment to live better living with a sustainable society by helping the people to use environmental friendly and biodegradable products manufactured/produced under the hood of ETS International Turkey.

ETS is offering water-based, solvents free efficient cleaners to the users/consumers that are best substitutes and good or even better than existing conventional solvent-based harmful cleaners which not only fulfills the prospected client’s requirement but also provide cure and protection where they applied.

In line with the convention of Montréal (Canadas and the United Nations Environmental Program) Our products meet the most stringent U.S. and European regulations for solvent free cleaning processes.

ETS-Products are confirmed and approved by Airbus, Boeing, Eurocopter, McDonnell Douglas Aircrafts, SMI - Miami Florida U.S.A., Mil-PRFs, NATO (NSN) - NAMSA, GMP+ FSA, REACH, HACCP, from various international labs and organizations for standards and norms. ETS products can replace dangerous and toxic products like solvents, trekolene, acetone, acid, alcohol, trichlarothane 111, spirits, paraffine, caustic soda, citric acid, tolune, petrochemicals, etc...

ETS products covers the broad range of industries such as oil & gas, military, aircraft, automotive & container, paints, food, recreation, water treatment, pharmaceutical, chemicals, constructions, textile, paper, marine and shipping, offshore, rail-road transport, manufacturing household, pvc-leather, plastic-rubber, metals, workshop, maintenance industries and more.

At ETS, we are highly motivated and dedicated in bringing awareness for the betterment by delivering true knowledge to the related industries and institutions. We care about the close contact at the client site. Our local representatives will solve existing problems together with the client on-site. The quick acceptance of ETS products on the market has helped to boost the development of the company and guarantees future growth.

ETS International is 100% Made in Turkey. We have no active representation in Germany. Our brand is registered in Germany International as well as German brands and patent office. Nationally registered in Turkey with Turkish brands and patent office. Our registration documents can be found on our homepage.

The Company Headquarter is Located in Istanbul-TURKEY
"Our aim is to replace dangerous and toxic products with environmental friendly & safe products"
Adem Ardıç
Adem ARDIÇ Executive Chairman ETS International Turkey
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