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Healthy drinking water


Thanks to the AquaSmarter M150 and AquaSmarter M150Gold capsules, it is possible to provide everybody a healthy drinking water.

Dr. Stephen Verdon developed a standard Water Purification schedule where everybody can calculate which capsules and how many capsules are needed to achieve a perfect drinking water quality.

This system can be used for small private applications (Boreholes) but also for Municipalities and Industrial Process water.

The system is available for people that use 20 liters of water per day but also for applications of 100.000 m3 of water per day.

The system is USA-EPA certified and is already used by several municipalities for many years.

The AquaSmarter capsules have to be placed in the natural flow in the watertank or reservoir.


For more information about this application or to receive the Water Purification schedule please contact your local distributor.



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