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Rust Protect | Actan 3F

Actan 3F Rust Protector is a ready to use rust protection. Just one layer is enough to protect your metal from corrosion. Applied before painting, Actan 3F Rust Protector, protects metals for a long time - up to 10 years. Product can be painted and is water based rust protector.

Rust Remover | Bioderuster

Rust Remover removes the Iron Oxide into solution by a proprietary process called selective chelation. Its waste generated is typically non-hazardous and has potential use as lawn and garden fertilizer. Non Flamable-non toxic-100% environmental and users safe. Dipping back the rust free article in solution provides 2-4 weeks rust protection.Ideal usage in production process.Product can be RE-USED.


OXYGEN CLEANER is a alkaline cleaning and oil degreasing agent which is fully soluble in water. It is approved for the cleaning of Oxygen equipment, pipes and therefore it can replace a wide range of chlorinated products and Solvents.

Universal Cleaner | Economic Universal

Economic Universal is a very powerful universal cleaner that can be used for all possible cleaning and degreasing operations.

Floor Cleaner | Hangar Floor Cleaner | Epoxsi Cleaner

Floorcleaner is a special concentrated universal cleaner for normal floors to chemical and refinery plants. It is solvent free. This product contains a special detergent which giv es an extra strong cleaning affect on grease and mineral oil pollution with light citrus fragrance.

Flush Concentrate

FLUSH CONCENTRATE (FC) is specially designed for in situ applications for mineral-oil based residues. FC is a universal heavy duty alkaline cleaner for cleaning oil residues. ETS offers a choice of many different FC specialized formulations, including acid, alkali, and solvent types as well as combinations to provide theoptimum cleaning agent for the problem

Heavy Duty Cleaner | HDC

HEAVY DUTY CLEANER or HDC is a blend of vegetable emulsifiers of the turpentine group, surfactants and sequestering agents. HDC is a universal cleaner for heavy contamination problems. HDC is highly biodegradable, environmental friendly and smells like fresh citrus. HDC remains stable and does not emulsify when used with water and oil separators.

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