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Economic Universal

Economic Universal is a very powerful Environmental universal cleaner that can be used for all possible cleaning and degreasing operations. ETS Economic Universal was specially designed to meet the most stringent regulations. The product is solvent free and waste water friendly. The product was developed at the request of experts engaged in the business of commercial, military aircraft maintenance and ground handling equipment. The high Ph value (>12) of the product produces a vigorous and efficient cleaning effect. The product will not affect aluminium as it contains special inhibitors to enable safe application. In addition to its non-corrosive qualities, the produc is highly appreciated by users world-wide in the aviation industry for its optimal performance. Depending on the level of contamination to be removed, the product may be deluted with water, as shown below. Watery part can be drained in to sewage system, product is not subject to dangerous goods labeling and regulations. Can be used in high and low adapted cleaning equipment as well as in vapour cleaning machinery. Can be applied with automatic mixing equipment as well as manually.


Certified by Boeing and Airbus:

Economic Universal has been tested and certified in the USA according to Boeing specification D6-17487 Revision L.
Economic Universal has been approved in Europe by Airbus Industries.


Nato Stock Numbers


20L, 25L, 210L, 1.000L plastic jerry cans

Shelf life:

4 Years


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