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AquaSmarter in Live Stock

AquaSmarter ionization capsules will provide you a perfect microbiology-control and keeps your system free from algae.

Thanks to the conductivity of the water the positive ions have
a much better and longer lasting residual biocidal effect then
chemical products like Chlorine dioxide, Chlorine or Hydrogen dioxide.

You provide your animals the necessary minerals by using Aqua Smarter capsules and this will guarantee you less mortality and a reduction of your medicine cost.

AquaSmarter capsules don't have to be removed when you are adding medication for the animals.

Only during the vaccination the capsules have to be removed
and can be replaced immediately after the vaccination.

AquaSmarter capsules are easy to install and safe to use.

AquaSmarter capsules work much better and are more economical then any other system available in the market to treat drinking water systems. The generated positive ions are not influenced by high temperatures or UV light. AquaSmarter ionization capsules treat your water without invests in expensive or complicated equipment like generators, dosing pumps, mixers, electrodes, etc, etc.
The capsules work continuously in contact with water for 12 months without any maintenance.

Because we know the Aqua Smarter capsules are the best available product for water-treatment in the market for this application, we can offer you a monthly payment system. Please contact your local distributor for more information or for a professional advise/support. REFERENCES: Please contact us or your local distributor to visit/contact one of our references.

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