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Swimmingpool instructions AquaSmarter with CLO2 (chlorine dioxide*)


AquaSmarter Start up Procedure for a fresh water Pool: 



 When the pool is filled with new/fresh water, the AquaSmarter Capsules can be placed directly into the skimmers or directly into the tank.

Place a minimum of 1 AquaSmarter M150 Capsule per 20m3 of water.   Suspend the capsules inside the tank and below the water surface. 

Do not place them on the bottom of the tank. The best location is inside the tank and after the (sand) filter but they can be placed anywhere where the water circulates.



Place the AquaSmarter in the skimmer, pre-filter,  in a reservoir or anywhere the water flows.

Always 1 AquaSmarter M150 per 20m3 of water or 1 AquaSmarter M75 per 10m3 of water.



When the capsules are placed inside the tank and before the (sand) filter, be sure they are placed deep enough in the tank in so they are suspended below any presence of (suntan) oils that may be noticed on the surface of the water in the tank located before the (sand) filter.



The pH level of the water has to be maintained between 7.0 and 7,2. 

  1.  After the capsules are placed, dose  with 2 liters of ClO2 (0,45%) per day per 80 to 100 m3 of water for the first 2 weeks.
  2.  After 2 more weeks, reduce the dosage to 1 liter of ClO2 (0,45%) per day per 80 to 100 m3 of water.

If you dose manually, dose the ClO2 in the evening and spread the ClO2 (0,45%) over the water surface in the pool.  If you dose automatically, be sure the dosing pump will inject equally the daily quantity of ClO2 (0,45%) into the water.






If needed, the dosage can be increased (doubled or tripled) as an option. If needed ClO2(0,45%) residuals can be measured by a photometer with DPD1 reagents or a ClO2 sensor.Back-flush (Backwash) your filters every day or with a minimum of 3 times per week.   If needed, a shock dose can be added with  15 to 20 liters of ClO2 (0,45%) per 100m3 of water.   Do not use the pool for the first 8  hours after a shock dosage has been added.  


Important:  Maintain a pH between 7.0 and 7,2 and back flush (Backwash) the filter as much as possible in order to maintain adequate water circulation as to distribute AquaSmarter's positive ions.


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