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Aircraft Fuel Savings | Efficiency Calculator

Details: A Boeing 747gains 20 lbs of dirt on a trans-atlantic flight. This creates a great level of surface roughness that increases a drag and therefore causes to consume more
fuel. Unwashed airplanes can experience up to 1.0% increase in drag. When you drywash/wettwash, you don't just wash the surface, you anti-static it with a dirt repellant making it more difficult for the dirt and grit to adhere.

The solution for the above problems is ETS Aircraft Cleaner. ETS aircraft cleaner is the most cost efficient that will save you on fuel and emits less CO2 emissions.

- Fuel savings calculations are based on annual average of 0.75% fuel reduction (from studies that have shown 0.5 to 1.5% from drywashing)
- Reduction of Co2 emissions per year, based on aircraft size average per year. (due to reduction in aerodynamic drag)
- Water savings calculations are based on average consumption of water used per aircraft type.
What would be the total savings for your company?

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