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EGR - Etiket Glue Remover | Stainless Steel Cleaner

EGR Extra IS A ETS-EGR EXTRA a mixed-blend cleaner based on fatty ester. Industrial cleaning services value the product because of its broad spectrum of use and high cleaning power. Environmentally Responsible & Advanced Water Based Technology


GRAFFITI REMOVER IS A CLEANING AGENT ENGINEERED TO CLEAN UP PROBLEM GRAFFITI AND OVERSPRAY WITHOUT DAMAGING THE ORIGINAL UNDERLYING PAINT ETS Graffiti Remover is a cleaning agent engineered to clean up problem graffiti and overspray without damaging the original under lying paint. Environmentally Safe and easy to use, it is a clear and bio degradable liquid with an inoffensive odour. Environmentally Responsible & Advanced Water Based Technology

Rust Protect | Actan 3F

Rust Protector is a ready to use rust protection. Just one layer is enough to protect your metal from corrosion. Applied before painting, Actan 3F protects metals for a long time - up to 10 years. Product can be painted and is water based.


Antifoam products stop foaming in circulations systems and filling processes. Antifoam is a very friendly economical product.

Rust Remover | Bioderuster

Rust Remover removes the Iron Oxide in to solution by a proprietary process called selective chelation. Its waste generated is typically non-hazardous and has potential use as lawn and garden fertilizer. Non Flamable-non toxic-100% environmental and users safe.Dipping back the rust free article in solution provides 2-4 weeks rust protection.Ideal usage in production process. Product can be RE-USED.

Professional Cleaner | Black Remover

Black Remover is a liquid, inhibited, acid cleaner designed for professional cleaning of heavy contaminated stainless steel surfaces. (e.g. descale heat-exchangers).


OXYGEN CLEANER is product is a alkaline cleaning and degreasing agent which is fully soluble in water. It is approved for the cleaning of Oxygen equipment and therefore it can replace a wide range of chlorinated products and Solvents.

Flush Concentrate

FLUSH CONCENTRATE (FC) is specially designed for in situ applications for mineral-oil based residues. FC is a universal heavy duty alkaline cleaner for cleaning oil residues. ETS offers a choice of many different FC specialized formulations, including acid, alkali, and solvent types as well as combinations to provide theoptimum cleaning agent for the problem

Runway Stripper | Rubber

Runway Stripper & Rubber is a very powerful most safe water-base runway cleaner, which is 100% biodegradeable, nonflammable - non toxic. Safe for workers and environment. The product works it self and desolved the rubber residues and other carbon-oil heavy contiminations which can be washed up with low water pressure for safe runway structure. Can be usedwater diluted 1:5 according to contamination scale.

Weapon Cleaner | Lubricant OIL | Weapon Oil

Weapon Oil 967 is a highly penetrating, mobile liquid lubricant which combines three essential functions in a single product; cleaning, lubrication and preservation of hand held weapons, and weapon systems of both large and small caliber.

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