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ETS GRAFFITI REMOVER | GRAFFITI CLEANER IS A VERY POWERFUL CLEANING AGENT ENGINEERED TO CLEAN UP PROBLEM GRAFFITI AND OVERSPRAY WITHOUT DAMAGING THE ORIGINAL UNDERLYING PAINT ETS Graffiti Remover is a cleaning agent engineered to clean up problem graffiti and overspray without damaging the original under lying paint. Environmentally Safe and easy to use, it is a clear and bio degradable liquid with an inoffensive odour.Environmentally Responsible & Advanced Water Based Technology

Features & Benefits

Cost effective because:

  • Requires much less chemical to achieve desired results
  • Reduces man-hours and effort required to complete a project
  • Lowers insurance costs for worker safety and storage hazards
  • Non-hazardous, unlike other cleaners
  • Water Danger class: 0




20 Ltr, 210 Ltr, 1,000Ltr.


  • Do not store under 14°F / -15°C and not above 122°F / 50°C
  • Do not use below 35°F / 2°C.

Shelf life:

2 Years

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