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Cleaner and Disinfector (HACCP)

Cleaner and Disinfector is a combined degreaser and disinfectant of a very high quality in accordance with HACCP. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces, equipment and materials, which can come in contact with food and liquids. A concentrate which has many dilution possibilities with water.

Universal Cleaner | Economic Universal

Economic Universal is a very powerful universal cleaner that can be used for all possible cleaning and degreasing operations.

Extreme Grease Remover Extra | Etiket Remover

EGR EXTRA is based on a narrow range distillated fatty acids of coconut oil. The cleaning power is the same as EGR and EGR type M but EGR EXTRA has no smell. EGR EXTRA is ideal for cleaning crude oils, grease deposits, anti-corrosion coatings, (printing) ink, hydrocarbon residues, tar-like deposits, etc.

Floor Cleaner | Hangar Floor Cleaner | Epoxi Cleaner

Floorcleaner is a special concentrated universal cleaner for normal floors to chemical and refinery plants. It is solvent free. This product contains a special detergent which giv es an extra strong cleaning affect on grease and mineral oil pollution with light citrus fragrance.

Floor Shine (HACCP)

Floor Shine is a concentrated universal floor cleaner. This product can be used for industrial floors, tiles, vinyl and so on. Floor Shine leaves a nice shine and fresh smell after use.

Glass Cleaner (HACCP)

Glass Cleaner HACPP concentrate is a quick drying glass cleaner of very high quality for use with spray flacon specially qualified for the whole interior like windows, mirrors and tiles.

Grease Cleaner HACCP | Grease Remover (HACCP)

Grease Cleaner & Remover HACCP is a degreaser of a very high quality, which is used for hoods, floor, walls, tiles, stainless steel, synthetics and other materials. Grease remover cleans deeply and leaves unlike other products no residue.

Hand Wash Cleaner HACCP | Hand Wash Gel (HACCP)

Hand Wash Cleaner & Gel is disinfecting. Just rub your hands (wet or dry ) with hand soap, until all the dirt is dissolved, than rinse well with water and you hav e clean dry hands with a fresh fragrance.

Multi Cleaner HACCP | Multiclean (HACCP)

Multi Cleaner HACCP is a interior cleaner of very high quality and suitable for windows, mirrors, tiles, floors,walls, cabinets and covering for daily use ,product has a pleasant fragrance. Useful for bucket and spray applications.

WC Cleaner HACCP | Sanipower (HACCP)

WC Cleaner HACCP | Sanipower is a sanitary cleaner for cleaning of the all kind of (Plastic-pvc-stone-ceramic-steel-nickle-brass-etc) sanitary places. Floors, walls. Lavatory pans, public lavtories, wash basins and so on. It is a concentrate and therefore economical to use. Removes easy scale corrosion and other filthiness. The product works against bacteria and leav es a fresh odour.

Sanitary Bleach Liquid | Sanipower EXTRA

Sanipower EXTRA | SANIPOWER EXTRA, is a sanitary cleaner for the cleaning of sanitary bleach liquid for toilet rust, corrosion problems, and lime remover. The product application area is: floors, walls, lavatory pans, public lavatories, wash-basins and so on. Sanipower Extra is a Extra concentrate formulated to use. The product works against bacteria and leav es a fresh odour.

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