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Productcode: # 26282F2

Kitchen Grease Cleaner (HACCP)

Grease Remover is a degreaser of a very high quality, which is used for hoods, floors, walls, tiles, stainless steel, synthetics and other material.Grease Remover cleans deeply and leaves unlike other products no residue.Grease Remover is a concentrate and is delivered with a dosage pump andspraer to avoid axcessive use. Grease Remover is highly suitable for the nutrition industry. Grease Remover replaces all your present kitchen cleaners and is also very competitive in price and has a large applicability, like hotel, restaurant and catering industry, factories. To be short, there where the highest hygenically demands aremade.

Directions for use: Depending of cleaning method bring on diluted product on the to be cleaned surface with spray flacon, sponge, brush or mop.
Packaging: 5L, 10L, 20L plastic jerry cans


Shelf life:

4 Years


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