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Underwater Curing / Water Proofing


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Underwater curing ETS URETHANE MATIBA 977W, waterproofing/ anticorrosive work

General Information

 Why the anticorrosive coating is needed

The above reactions are mainly occurred on the surface of water due to the atmospheric oxidation by anaerobe and aerobic reactions. H2S gas does not seriously damage structures if the place is well ventilated since it spreads rapidly into the air.If the place is covered with pavement or completely sealed, H2S gas is easily formed and then it corrodes the concrete and promotes biodeterioration. Water sterilized with chlorine in filtration plants causes the corrosion of concrete since the chloric gas evaporates and produces hydrochloric acid by reacting with oxygen and water in the air.Therefore, acid tolerant anticorrosive work should be done for the extended life limit and the safety at the place where can be damaged by the acid due to the structure type or ventilation. The ETS URETHANE MATIBA 977 W coating or lining from anticorrosive materials naturally waterproofs the structures.



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