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Productcode: # 2573

Black Remover

ETS-Black Remover is a liquid, inhibited, acid cleaner designed for professional cleaning of heavy contaminated stainless steel surfaces. (e.g. descale heat-exchangers).
ETS-Black Remover has also good degreasing capabilities. ETS-Black Remover is to be used only on acid resistance material as Stainless Steel, Plastics, etc.
Product is mainly used in Cleaning In Place applications. Product is friendlier in use as it is specially inhibited for less aggressive harm for users.


ETS-Black Remover can be used for multiple cleaning applications and processes: The cleaning time, selected dilution and rinsing depends on the natureand thickness of the contaminant or scaling. Because of the great variation of contamination, a small scale test is normally conducted at the ets R&D facility to determine the optimum and most economical application.

Standard (Flush) Cleaning In Place method:

Directions for use:

All materials must be thoroughly rinsed withwater after cleaning.


Keep out of reach of children. For further information see material safety datasheet.


10 Ltr., 25 Lltr., 210 Ltr., 1,000 Ltr.


Shelf life:

4 Years


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