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Heavy Duty Cleaner

HEAVY DUTY CLEANER or HDC is a blend of vegetable emulsifiers of the turpentine group, surfactants and sequestering agents. HDC is a universal cleaner for heavy contamination problems. HDC is highly biodegradable, environmental friendly and smells like fresh citrus. HDC remains stable and does not emulsify when used with waterand oil separators.


HDC is a heavy duty cleaner. It is a water-based, dilutable, universal cleaner designed for heavy degreasing and cleaning. Cleaning applications include hydrocarbon residues, crude oils, asphalt, tar-like deposits, oil and grease. HDC is a highly effective agent for cleaning storage tanks, tankwalls, tank wagons and trailers, heat exchangers, pipelines, floors, equipment, vehicles and machinery.

Application: Rinsing

Working time:

Depending upon the type and thickness of the contamination, the general cleaning time will be between 10 and 60 minutes. The removal of heavy hydrocarbon residues may require between 10 and 20 hrs. Using a sample of the contaminant, ETS willcustomize the optimum time required for circulation and determine the precise dilution and treatment temperature required to achieve maximum cleaning effect at minimal cost.After cleaning,the cleaned item is simply rinsedwith water


Due to the exceptional cleaning capability of HDC using circulation cleaning, more thanone cleaning bath can be simultaneously processed. HDC can be safely used on most metals and structural materials. In case of doubt, ETS will provide its clients with a laboratory conducted test prior to application.


5, 10, 25, 210, 1000 Ltr.


Shelf life:

4 Years


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