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Ucak Kokpit temizlik mendili ETS Helikopter Kokpit temizlik mendili ETS Helikopter monitor temizlik mendili Helikopter Motor temizlik mendili ETS Ucak Kokpit temizleme mendili ürün 3260 Ucak kokpit temizlik mendilleri

Aircraft Cockpit Cleaner Tissue Wipes are impregnated with Aircraft Cleaner (comfirmed with SMI Miami USA, MC-Douglas, Airbus, Boeing, NATO and Military PRF - specifications) and specially designed as a ready to use for easy quick cleaning-degreasing of surfaces unsuitable/dangerous for spray applications inside cleaning of aircraft/helicopters, as well as cleaning of aircraft instruments, switches, monitors and panels. Can be used as dry wash for exterior cleaning. We recommend to re-treat the cleaned surface with wet towel/cloth and dry with soft cloth/paper to obtain the shiny results. The Aircraft Cockpit Cleaner Tissue Wipes are re-useable by wetting it again simply with clear water. Furthermore Tissue Wipes are also available with ETS - Aircraft Cleaner Interior 3258-ACI concentration for 100% degreasing and cleaning for home use or any other industry. As for as you notice in the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), it is recommended to wash hands with any kind of soap to degrease the skin and skin care- protectivelotion/cream prior to use.



400 pieces /aprov. 96 meters / 18cm x 24cm Drum / Box


Shelf life:

4 Years

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