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Bio-Kleen Car Cleaner

Bio-Kleen Car Cleaner is a very powerful, alkaline cleaner. By its composition this shampoo can very well be used for working by hand.Bio Kleen Car Cleaner has a anti statistical effect. This product is non flammable, non toxic and completely biodegradable.The cleaning/degreasing effect of theBio-Kleen Car Cleaner is very high. In combination with warm to hot water, the active effect will rise considerably.
This product has a perfect effect for cleaning of metals, lacquer, the interior of your car and so on. Depending of the pollution and application you must adjust the dilution. If you use the prescribed dilution, this product is safeto use on aluminium.Depending of the kind of the pollution and also the chosen method of cleaning and temperature, the product can be diluted: 1:3 (heavy contamination) till 1:5-10 Place the product on the pollution, give it some time to effect (don't let it dry) and then (under high pressure) rinse with plenty of water.Now the car will dry, clear of any grease!


25L, 210L, 1.000L


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4 Years


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