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Productcode: # 31744M2

Bupi Cleaner NF (concentrate)

BUPICLEANER is a powerful alkaline-concentrate cleaner with specific additives. BUPICLEANER is a universal cleaning and degreasing agent. BUPICLEANER is non-foaming and also acts as a corrosion-inhibitor, providing up to 7 days resistance against the onset of rust build-up for stored equipment. Due to the incorporation ofspecial ingredients in BUPICLEANER, the product can be used to clean and protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics.




BUPICLEANER is an environmentally benign replacement for vapor degreasing solvents, chlorated products and solvent/emulsion cleaners which pose safety, explosion, air, ground and water pollution problems.

Cleaning Methods:

BUPICLEANER can be applied by hand and also in a spray machine, ultrasonic or partswashing machine. These applications require an anti-foam additive. BUPICLEANER can also be applied using high pressure cleaning equipment and in warm cleaning equipment where ETS advises using a temperature of 50°C.


10 Ltr, 25 Ltr, 200 Ltr, 1,000 Ltr.


Shelf life:

4 Years


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