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GRAFFITI REMOVER IS A CLEANING AGENT ENGINEERED TO CLEAN UP PROBLEM GRAFFITI AND OVERSPRAY WITHOUT DAMAGING THE ORIGINAL UNDERLYING PAINT ETS Graffiti Remover is a cleaning agent engineered to clean up problem graffiti and overspray without damaging the original under lying paint. Environmentally Safe and easy to use, it is a clear and bio degradable liquid with an inoffensive odour. Environmentally Responsible & Advanced Water Based Technology

Universal Cleaner | Economic Universal

Economic Universal is a very powerful universal cleaner that can be used for all possible cleaning and degreasing operations.

Car Shampoo | Brilliant Shine Car Shampoo

Car Shampoo Brillant Shine is a very powerfull cleaning-waxing shampoo, a broad range of dilution programs as 1:100 (product:water), safe for glass/rubber/paint, leaves a highly shining and perl effect. Reduces the polishing process. High biodegradeable and safe.

Car Cleaner | Bio- Kleen

Bio-Kleen Car Cleaner is a very powerfull, alkaline car / truck cleaner. By its composition this shampoo can very well be used for working by hand.

Wheel Cleaner | Professional Wheel Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner is an alkaline cleaner, specially designed for cleaning of light alloy wheels and other kinds of wheels also as industrial cleaner in production process. This product needs a very short time to clean, is Diluteable so you can work quickly and efficient. Not flammable, not toxic, highly biodegradability.provides anti-static for following easy cleaning&shine.

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