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Rust Protect | Actan 3F

Actan 3F Rust Protector is a ready to use rust protection. Just one layer is enough to protect your metal from corrosion. Applied before painting, Actan 3F protects metals for a long time - up to 10 years. Product can be painted and is water based.

Coat Polish | Aircraft Surface Polish 2

Coat Surface Polish is a high quality polish for older (lightly discolored) aircrafts, giving thema shiny colored surface again. Aircraft Polish 2 is an unique Aircraft Polish for renewal of (light) discolored paint.

Coat Protector | Aircraft Surface Protector 3

Coat Surface Protector | Aircraft Protector 3 gives a unique shiny protection coat for new and/or clean aircrafts. Aircraft Protector 3 gives a coat and slows down building up road film and gives you easier cleaning and a shiny surface.

Car Cleaner | Bio Cleaner

Bio Car Cleaner is a very powerfull, alkaline car / truck cleaner. By its composition this shampoo can very well be used for working by hand.

Rust Remover | Bioderuster

Removes the Iron Oxide into solution by a proprietary process called selective chelation. Its waste generated is typically non-hazardous and has potential use as lawn and garden fertilizer.Non Flamable-non toxic-100% environmental and users safe.Dipping back the rust free article in solution provides 2-4 weeks rust protection.Ideal usage in production process.Product can be RE-USED.

Bupi Cleaner NF (concentrate)

BUPICLEANER NF is a powerful alkaline-concentrate cleaner with specific additives. BUPICLEANER NF is a universal cleaning and degreasing agent. BUPICLEANER NF is non-foaming and also acts as a corrosion-protector, providing approximately 5 days resistance against the onset of rust build-up for stored materials.. Due to the incorporation of special ingredients in BUPICLEANER, the product can be used to clean and protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Car Shampoo | Brilliant Shine Shampoo

Car Shampoo Brilliant Shine is a very powerfull cleaning-waxing shampoo, a broad range of dilution programs as 1:100(product:water), safe for glass/rubber/paint, leaves a highly shining and perl effect. Reduces the polishing process. High biodegradeable and safe.

Cleaner and Disinfector (HACCP)

Cleaner and Disinfector is a combined degreaser and disinfectant of a very high quality in accordance with HACCP. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces, equipment and materials, which can come in contact with food and liquids. A concentrate which has many dilution possibilities with water.

Universal Cleaner | Economic Universal

Economic Universal is a very powerful universal cleaner that can be used for all possible cleaning and degreasing operations.

Aluminium Cleaner | Heavy Duty Cleaner

Aluminium Cleaner HDAL is a liquid, inhibited, water-based alkaline cleaner designed to clean mineral oil and grease. HDAL is an ideal heavy-duty universal cleaner which can be used safely on ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Cleaner Wipes | Multi Tissue Wipes

Multi Tissue Wipes are specialy designed for switchboards / panels / cabin instruments 6 whole Cockpit cleaning of Aircrafts & Helicopters cleaning where the direct spary applications are not possible or dangerous, as well as for quick cleaning of sensitive surfaces where any drops of other materials are to wipe off. Thetissue are re-useable simply by wetting it when dried. Can be used in any precisious engineering and for computers /cars inside cleaning also..

Nonsol 6

NONSOL®6 : Heavy duty solvent free cleaner for industrial general maintenance where light corrosion inhibitor is needed. Applicable on ferro and nonferro. Suitable for cleaning: Crude Oils, Grease Deposits, and Carbonaceous residues. For f.i. cleaning valves, machine parts, products, wheel bearings or whatever applications intool shops, production and maintenance activities. Longer lifetime. NONSOL®6 is special designed to use in the unique. NONSOL®6 is a ready to use fluid.

Sanipower (HACCP)

Sanipower is a sanitary cleaner for cleaning of the all kind of (Plastic-pvc-stone-ceramic-steel-nickle-brass-etc) sanitary places. Floors, walls. Lavatory pans, public lavtories, wash basins and so on. It is a concentrate and therefore economical to use. Removes easy scale corrosion and other filthiness. The productworks against bacteria and leav es a fresh odour.Replaces 10 othe Bath-Shower-Toilet cleaners. 100% safe without solvents.

Wheel Cleaner | Professional Cleaner for Wheels

Wheel Cleaner is an alkaline cleaner, specially designed for cleaning of light alloy wheels and other kinds of wheels also as industrial leaner in production process. This product needs a very short time to clean, is Diluteable so you can work quickly and efficient. Not flammable, not toxic, highly biodegradability. provides anti-static for following easy cleaning&shine.

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